Press Release: US Transmissions Expands Services, Rebrands as Catalyst Powertrain

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AUBURN, WA August 2, 2021,—US Transmissions, a leading heavy-duty transmissions repair and service specialization organization, launches a comprehensive rebrand in response to a rapid expansion of its service and product offerings. The change in the company name to Catalyst Powertrain reflects its growing reach within the commercial heavy-duty vehicle repair and maintenance market.

Over the past several years, Catalyst Powertrain set its sights beyond being an industry leader in commercial transmissions repair and maintenance. Catalyst Powertrain continues to develop key industry relationships with trusted manufacturers that make quality transmissions, engines, brakes, and other commercial vehicle components. This has enabled Catalyst Powertrain to extend a broader range of service and parts offerings to its expanding customer base.

Catalyst Powertrain’s client-centric approach delivers a range of mechanical services that appeal to both existing and new customers. Catalyst Powertrain has a robust investment pipeline dedicated to enriching staff knowledge base to meet the needs of a shifting industry.

“This year’s growth in new manufacturer authorizations demonstrates the power of our high-service model that blends vastly extended service options with an educated and engaged team,” said David Matthai, CEO of Catalyst Powertrain. “We are proud to mark this milestone with a rebrand that affirms our commitment to setting the standard in our industry and that reflects our continually expanding capabilities.”

“We started as a transmission shop thirty-five years ago and our goal was to be the best in the industry. Manufacturers approached us to represent their product lines,” stated Scott McMillan. “As we gained significant product knowledge, the brand needed to better reflect the wider range of capabilities and services we offer.”

Unprecedented growth has allowed Catalyst Powertrain to move into other complementary areas spurred on by customer and manufacturer demand. “Allison sought us out twenty-eight years ago. We are a rare full-service Allison dealer that is unaffiliated. This distinction means we can work on anything,” said David Matthai.

This approach enables Catalyst Powertrain to expand beyond a small operation to sell worldwide. The result is that the organization attracts more high-quality manufacturers; those agreements extend commercial confidence into the international marketplace.

“In the past 30 years, we’ve doubled our locations, expanding our coverage across state lines. We are a western region dealer for several manufactures beyond transmissions,” said Eric Lekberg. “We expanded from a single product line to seven within the past three years. This has enabled us to attract more commercial customers while meeting increasing demands from existing customers. This keeps our satisfaction rate high with a less than 3% churn rate.”

With industries around the world relying on machinery to execute multi-million dollar projects, Catalyst Powertrain’s status as an authorized dealer enables global repair, shipping, and sales to keep clients moving their businesses forward.

“We are an on-highway and off-highway machinery organization,” said Jerad Matthai. “Catalyst Powertrain’s dealer authorization spread across multiple manufacturers allows us to sell and service commercial vehicles and machinery around the world. We feel the new brand reflects where the business truly sits within the industry.”

Catalyst Powertrain is an authorized dealer and reseller for industry manufacturers, announced in conjunction with this rebranding announcement:

  • Allison Transmissions
  • Carlisle Brake & Friction
  • Scania Industrial Engines
  • Kubota Industrial Engines & Generators
  • Odyne Hybrid Systems
  • Yanmar Engines
  • Benchmade Knives

For a full list please visit the Catalyst Powertrain manufacturers page.

About Catalyst Powertrain

Catalyst Powertrain is the leading heavy-duty commercial vehicle repair and maintenance organization specializing in on-highway and off-highway vehicles and machinery. Leveraging high-profile industry manufacturer agreements, advanced technical implementation and repair methods, and a knowledgable, dedicated team of technicians, Catalyst Powertrain drives bottom-line value and deeper service opportunities for companies around the world.

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