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Catalyst Powertrain is Your Authorized Carlisle Brake and Friction Parts & Service Center

Catalyst Powertrain is an authorized sales and service center for Carlisle brand brake and friction products. 

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About Carlisle Brake and Friction Products

Carlisle Brake & Friction (CBF) is a leading provider of high performance and severe duty brake, clutch, and transmission applications for mining, construction, military, agricultural, industrial, and aerospace markets.

CBF brands include Wellman Products Group, Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction, Hawk Performance, Japan Power Brake, and VelveTouch. 

Carlisle produces a diverse range of highly engineered braking, friction, clutch, and transmission products, manufactured in 11 facilities around the world including in the US, UK, Italy, China, India, and Japan. CBF serves over 100 leading original equipment manufacturers in 50 countries.

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Catalyst Powertrain proudly sells, services, repairs, and maintains brake and friction products from the Carlisle line. 

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