Allison On Highway AT Series

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Catalyst Powertrain is an Allison Transmission authorized service center. We provide reman units, parts, repair, and maintenance for all Allison On Highway Transmissions.

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About the Allison AT Series

Tour Bus on the Highway

The Allison AT500 and AT1500P-series transmissions are fully automatic, with hydraulic controls and torque converter drive. All models have four forward speeds and one reverse, and are used primarily on-highway applications. Hydraulic shift controls provide automatic gear selection in each drive range and, for the AT1500P-series models, automatic engagement of the lockup clutch. The AT series transmissions can be installed behind engines with SAE#2 or SAE#3 bell housing, with shift calibrations available from 2200RPM to 4000RPM.

Allison 1000 Series Transmission

Features of the Allison AT Series Transmission

  • Fully automatic up to 4 forward speeds
  • Lockup available in the AT 1542/1545 Series

  • Power takeoff drive provision

  • Neutral start and reverse signal provision

  • Parking brake option

  • Multiple Torque Converter ratios

AT Series Transmission Applications

  • Emergency Vehicle
  • Pickup and Delivery truck

  • Airport Shuttle

  • Street Sweeper

  • Flat Bed Truck

  • Tanker Utility

  • Truck Stepvan

  • Motor Home

  • School Bus

  • Other Applications

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