Allison Off Highway TG Series

Catalyst Powertrain Complete Service for Your Transfer Gear Series Allison Transmission

Catalyst Powertrain is an Allison Transmission authorized service center. We provide reman units, parts, repair, and maintenance for all Allison Off Highway Transmissions.

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About the Transfer Gear Series

Allison TG 600 series transmissions work in conjunction with the Allison Torque converter (TC) products to transfer power from engine, through torque converter and down to the lower output shaft of transmission. The TG transmission is hydraulically operated and have planetary style gearing. These old school transmissions have been replaced by newer designs but are still prevalent in some applications worldwide, including Oil Field, Mining, Hauling, Cranes, Drilling Rigs, and more.

Allison Transmission TG Series Features

  • Compact Design
  • Manual Disconnect Clutch
  • Planetary Gearing
  • Power Takeoff
  • Manual or Electric Range Select
  • Hydraulic Retarder
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