Allison Transmission W-Tech II ECU TCM Reman Part R29517003

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Part # R29517003

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Allison Transmission Part 29517003R Front View from Catalyst PowertrainAllison Transmission Part 29517003R Back View from Catalyst Powertrain

FREE recalibration – fee waived!

Free programming included – the W-Tech II ECU/TCM reman unit comes with programming included and arrives ready to plug in!

These are refurbished and bench-tested with Allison software. Free programming is included. Six-month warranty.


R29517003 – Other possible part numbers:

  • 29524009
  • 29524010
  • 29516997
  • 29516999
  • 29517001
  • 29517016
  • 29517040
  • 29517064
  • 29517088
  • 29514527

Refurbished and bench-tested Allison Transmission ECU (W-TECh 2) – ECU only. Supplied to you with free programming included to match your vehicle. ECU will arrive ready to plug into the vehicle and drive. 6-month warranty included.

In order to program it correctly, we will require the following information when you place your order:

  • CIN # of your old computer (11 characters*)
  • VIN # of your vehicle (17 characters)
  • Serial # of your transmission (10 numbers)

Buy with confidence. We have been serving the Allison Transmission industry for over 35 years.

This item ships in advance and carries a core charge to be refunded upon receipt of your good ECU core.

*NOTE: if your CIN# being programmed begins with an “07” ask about the up-front core charge

*NOTE: if your CIN# being programmed begins with an “08” ask about the up-front core charge


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